Genesis BioPharma Services – Logistical CapabilitiesGenesis

BioPharma Services is a unique logistical provider of human biologicals and specialty pharmaceuticals. Genesis BioPharma Services provides cold chain storage and distribution services for manufacturers to provide specialty biological products to hospitals and healthcare organizations.

Product Management

  • Manufacturer consignment programs
  • Management of product inventories
  • Dedicated management and customer service staff
  • Accountability and integrated sales reports

Cold Chain Storage

  • Temperature controlled facility
  • 14° to 25°C ambient warehouse
  • 2° to 8°C refrigerated packaging and storage
  • ≥ -18° to -40°C freezer storage
  • Monitoring and Security 24/7
  • Emergency Generator

Cold Chain Distribution

  • Shipment tracking
  • Priority alert services
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Validated insulated coolers

Customized and Emergency Distribution
Management and Distribution for Post Licensing Studies
Enhanced Customer Service